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Multiplication Worksheets – Amazing Math Sites

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on April 29, 2009

Searching through the internet for fun math games for kids to play and enjoy while learning is so frustrating.

A site listing 1000’s of math activities and games, catering for all levels from elementary to high school really does exist and is a pleasure to use.

Preparing lessons and assigning interesting homework and classroom activities has become much easier because this site gives huge amounts of ideas and variety for student participation.

While in the maths zone of learning and enjoyment, these multiplication games for basic elementary math, multiplication worksheets for all levels and the interactive math games galore will prove to be a huge hit in the classroom.

The site is huge, yet easy to follow and find the desired area of interest.

Lower Elementary Math Sites

  • Kindergarten Math
  • 1st Grade Math
  • 2nd Grade Math

Upper Elementary Math Sites

  • 3rd Grade Math
  • 4th Grade Math
  • 5th Grade Math

Middle School Math Sites

  • 6th Grade Math
  • 7th Grade Math
  • 8th Grade Math

General Math Sites

Each grade is then broken up into segments for their particular level such as:-

  • Number & Operation
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Data & Probability
  • Algebra

So go ahead and check out some of those math fun games and activities for the kids.


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Valentines For Kids

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on February 12, 2009

A Valentines Gift For your Kids
I wanted to do something special for you and the kids in your
life for Valentines Day.

So Here’s What I’ve Got For You…
A Valentines Activities Book for your kids
to enjoy.

It contains
– A Valentines Game – Busy Bees
– A Valentines Word Search
– A Valentines Word Sudoku
and A Valentines Coloring Page.
That should be plenty to let kids have fun and to keep them

Here’s How You Can Get Your Free Valentines Activity Book

Just click on the link below to open the file then print it out
or save a copy to your computer so you can print more
copies if you want more.

Free Valentines Gift

If the webpage doesn’t come up when you click the above
link – just copy and paste the url into your browser.

You’ll also find the solution to the Sudokus and Word Search
in your Valentines Activity Book.

Remember, you can save 50% on Making Math More Fun
this Friday 13 February, but this offer is available only while
it is Friday 13 somewhere in the world.


Yes, your colleagues, friends or family can also take advantage
of this very special offer and receive the Valentines Gift.
Just forward this email to them.

Have a very Lucky Friday 13.
Have a lovely Valentines Day.

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Maths Games For Kids – 50% off Special

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on February 11, 2009

What a week we have coming up.

We have 2 specials days to celebrate this week –

Black Friday on Friday 13 and Valentines Day on Saturday 14.

A good friend of mine – Teresa from is
having a one day only sale.

So… here is a special offer and a special gift for you and the
kids in your life.

Special Friday 13 Offer

Friday 13 is your LUCKY DAY.

So Here’s What I’ve Got For You…

For Friday 13 only you can get the entire
Making Math More Fun Collection with bonus books for only $13.97.
That’s 50% off the usual $27.97. That means that you can have all
9 books for less than $1.60 each.

This offer is for my subscribers. To access this special offer you
will need to click on this link –


and go to the image of the gift at the bottom of the page.

Click on the gift and it will take you to the order page

with the special discounted price.

Please note: This link will give you the discounted offer on

Friday 13 February only.

If you order from the regular order links on the webpage –
you won’t receive the special discount.

If you have colleagues, friends or family who may be interested
in Making Math More Fun for kids, I don’t mind if you tell them this secret link if you think it will help children to learn.

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Math Worsheets / Times Tables – Dig Into Your Subconscious

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on October 24, 2008

Get your very own interactive multiplication worksheet generator for FREE.

Learning the basics of mathematics is critical in the early years of education.

Kids experiencing difficulty with learning their times tables need practice and encouragement to keep motivated.

To help maintain the motivation level, the number of questions per worksheet has been reduced to 12 per page. Also, there will be no duplicate questions on the same sheet. This simple change seems to have an incredible effect on encouraging students to SPEED UP.

Try speeding up.

By allowing yourself to automatically answer, the subconscious “kicks in”.

Your subconscious mind can evaluate the problem quicker than you can repeat the question to yourself. The conscious mind then has no opportunity for self doubt.

By removing “self doubt” – the major barrier to learning & remembering has been eliminated.

Try doing this yourself in levels 1 & 2.

Answer Tab, Answer Tab, Answer Tab …Answer Tab (12 times)

Clear Answers, New Worksheet

Answer Tab, Answer Tab, Answer Tab …Answer Tab (12 times)

Race yourself to see how fast you can go.

To download the revised version of the Multiplication Worksheet Generator (Limited)

Go to and enter your name and email address. You can then download your very own math worksheet generator for FREE.

Have fun and enjoy,

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Multiplication Worksheets Taking Over

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on October 17, 2008

Well how is the Multiplication Worksheet Generator going for you and your children.

I’ve received a huge amount of THANK YOU emails from people all over the world who have downloaded the worksheet generator and have commenced using it both at home and in the classroom.

Please keep your comments coming. Your feed back will help improve and develop the products. You will receive all program upgrades and enhancements.

It doesn’t matter where you live.
The basics of math needs to be mastered during these early schooling years. Otherwise the children can develop confidence problems and advancement in all other subjects will be affected.

Times Tables or multiplication worksheets are an essential element in early childhood learning development. Continual practice is what helps embed the essentials of basic math into our brains.

You can just print the worksheets or get the kids to enter the answers on their own computer. Imagine how your child’s confidence will skyrocket when they realize how easy math really is.

If you haven’t downloaded your very own worksheet generator (free version) yet that’s OK.
Here is the link.

Just enter your name and email address and it’s yours.

For a mere $19.95 you can upgrade to the full working version of the Multiplication Worksheet Generator.
As a special bonus to my valued clients I am offering Interactive Worksheet Generators for Addition, Subtraction and Division.
(You will receive these bonuses for free, even though they cost me over $1750 to develop.)

This offer may expire at any moment – so click on the link below before it’s too late.

Why am I doing this?

I aim to help as many people from all over the world to develop and maintain exceptional math skills.

Learning the basics is just the beginning.

If your children can have fun while learning and stay motivated – nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

Until next time,

Enjoy Life and Have Fun

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Multiplication Worksheets – Free Generator Download

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on October 15, 2008

This Multiplication / Times Tables Worksheet Generator will definitely help to motivate your children to master the basics of mathematics and set a solid foundation for their ongoing learning and future life.

Currently over at ABC of Math you can download a free version of an innovative program that will help your kids learn math while having fun.

And its not like any other worksheet generator available online – where all you do is print a PDF and hope that the students will attempt to complete the exercises.

The Math Worksheets have been designed to be used by parents and teachers as well as children and students.

Parents and teachers can print and hand out exercise sheets for the children to do.

Students are encouraged to actually do all the workings and exercises on their own computer, providing immediate feed back and encouragement. The final answers and workings are entered on the computer in the same format that we have all been taught. Yes, the ability to write backwards has been incorporated… (I’ll explain shortly)…

Imagine being able to prepare lessons and practice sheets without the need to go online to print the normal boring worksheets. You know how difficult it can be to get the kids to actually start doing the exercises, what’s more trying to get them to do more practice at home. . Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could give the kids their own worksheet generator for them to practice and develop their skills at school and at home while enjoying this learning and challenging experience.. How would it feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to watch your kids challenge themselves with more and more practice sheets and increasing the level of difficulty. Math facts will soon become second nature and the solid foundations of learning will be set.. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

That’s what this brand new program could help you do.

Get your free Multiplication Worksheets Generator at


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Multiplication Worksheets – Times Tables on your Own Computer

Posted by multiplicationworksheets on July 1, 2008

Times Tables or Multiplication Worksheets are an essential element in early childhood learning development. Continual practice is what helps embed the essentials of basic math into our brains. Here’s an interactive worksheet that you can keep on your own computer and therefore you don’t need to be online for lesson preparation and printing of practice sheets.

A worksheet generator that can produce infinite combinations of practice sheets, that you can give to your fellow teachers, students, parents and friends will prove to be invaluable for the learning curve of basic math.

Here’s just some of the features

  • Keep on your own computer – no need to be online
  • Print worksheets (if you wish) or practice on computer
  • Automatically tell you if your answer is correct or try again
  • Can type backwards when you need to
  • Room for workings
  • Give to your fellow teachers, friends, parents and students for them to load on their own computer

These fun math games for kids will not only ease the burden in the classroom , they can be taken home and the students can continue learing on their own computer.

To order the Multiplication / Times Tables Worksheet Generator go to

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